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Gurhan Demirkan

Welcome to my channel, where you can get info on entrepreneurship.

Feb 24, 2021

This is the second part of the series, where we talk about the rest of the points to start a successful online business.

It entails information from “On-Page SEO” to “Off-Page SEO” and goes on to explaining how you can use the keywords that you have created in Part #1.

We, not only talk about what you need to do...

Feb 9, 2021

One of the primo ladies that I had the pleasure of meeting in my business life.

Sounds like a regular American dream come true but when you scratch the surface, there is more to it than you think!

I genuinely believe that she is an icon not only in the black community, just about in any community!

…to many more...

Feb 2, 2021

Let’s talk about one of the biggest topics of our time: online business… aka, e-commerce!

In this episode, I am giving some details as to:

Since the corona virus hit the world, and huge number of brick-and-mortar shops closed, people turned to online shopping. Even though the playing field looks crowded at the...