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Gurhan Demirkan

Welcome to my channel, where you can get info on entrepreneurship.

Mar 16, 2021

Biavexia is our startup company that we plan on growing to go IPO in ten years. It is a supplement company on the health side, where we started with I Am Immune and I Am Focused.

It will be one of the most prominent supplement companies in the world!


00:07 What is Biavexia

01:01 How Did We Come Up With This Unique Product Name

01:40 Why Are We a Formidable Competitor in The Supplement Place and Why Are We Going To Be One Of The Most Prominent Supplement Companies In The World?

02:43 Why Did We Start with Supplements That Enhance Your Immunity and Focus?

03:40 About Marketing Strategy, Target Audience, How We Are Going To Be Selling Biavexia.

04:44 How Are We Penetrating The Market?

05:30 Where Are We Going With This Startup?

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