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Gurhan Demirkan

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Mar 9, 2021

Istvan Mohos came the United States with an invention that kills COVID-19. He has been disinfecting large facilities as well as office spaces. He is open to partner with companies as well as investors who are interested in his invention.

It is already patented, and he has machines that he calls “plug-and-play” to clean viruses, bacteria, and of course COVID.

0:24 Tell Us Who You Are When You Came To This Country, and The Technology Bring With You

04:05 Does Your Technology Clean (or Disinfect) Spaces

06:00 How Long Does It Take To Disinfect Spaces?

07:12 How Big Are These Machines?

08:40 How Do Your Machines Disinfect The Spaces?

08:50 How Do You Monitor The Space and The OSHA Safety Requirements?

10:00 Are There Any Side Effects?

12:30 The Technology Is Patented. Does This Give You Advantage In The Marketplace?

13:47 Who Are The Inventors?

14:17 Interesting Story Of The Invention/Technology

18:23 Who Is Holding The License in America and Canada?

18:53 How Is Your Business Model with This Technology?

23:00 Is Your Technology Good or Bad For The Environment?

25:17 How Do You Plan On Growing Your Business? How Can The Other Companies Become Partners With You?

29:28 Are You Looking For Investors?

33:35 So, How Does a Hungarian Guy Meet His Wife In Iraq and End Up in Austin, Texas?

39:20 Everybody Wants To Be An Entrepreneur. Do You Have Any Suggestions For These People?

44:52 What Books Do You Think Every Entrepreneur Should Read?

48:00 What Key Activities Do You Recommend Entrepreneurs To Invest Their Time In?

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